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Village.Photos is your number one destination for storing and sharing your images online. Create an account and have your first image uploaded in less than 60 seconds! Drag and drop multiple images at once, or on older browsers you can upload them one by one.

Direct linking (hotlinking) is allowed, even encouraged, with no restrictions. Use Village.Photos to manage your eBay sales, to post your images on EZ Boards, vBulletin systems or other forums. Embed them or link them into your marketing email blasts, and more.

Solutions for Photographers

Elegant White Template for Village Photos members Village.Photos has a browing number of mobile-friendly templates to choose from, and more on the way! Managed comments on albums, photos and articles, set a profile image, add photos to lists and receive notifications when somebody lists or likes your image!

Upload your super-sized images from high end digital cameras, we support up to 40MB! We'll keep your original image completely intact and untouched, generating appropriate sized versions for thumbnails and direct linking.

Hashtags, verbose descriptions and friendly URL's drive search engine optimization, to help people find your work.

Summary of Features

  • Fast and free signup
  • Facebook Integration
  • Fast and easy drag-n-drop uploads
  • Unique dynamic album layout
  • Sell your photography
  • Set your own markup for selling prints
  • User defined album covers
  • SEO friendly linking and sharing
  • Mobile friendly
  • Direct links provided
  • Custom QR Code image which links to your portfolio!
  • Photographer biography
  • Multiple Templates
  • Inline image management
  • Page titles, meta tags generated from your information
  • No image size limit.
  • No Flash required
  • Your own Google Analytics tracking
  • Completely Free!
  • ...and more!

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Explore Fantastic Images

Explore our collection of available prints from our members - the collection is growing daily.

Members have already uploaded thousands of images, and hundreds more are coming every day! We've only recently opened our print ordering service - so our catalog is in it's infancy, but keep checking back for more.

Quality Prints

White House Colour Correction logo Order lab quality prints for yourself or for your client. You have control over the position and cropping of your image on various print sizes. We've chosen White House Custom Colour for our print fulfillment. Since the 1950's, White House Custom Color has been recognized as a premiere photofinishing service.

Order with Confidence

Order prints with confidence and our satisfaction guarantee! Village.Photos is a verified PayPal merchant.

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Powered by Decades of Experience

MarketAmp eCommerce Solutions MarketAmp eCommerce Solutions, our parent organization, offers vast expertise in high availability, high performing web applications. Village.Photos is the result of many years of web development and image hosting experience.

Village.Photos is built to be completely scalable from the ground up. We've designed it to support millions of users and billions of images with fantastic speed and reliability, using the latest cloud-based technologies and advanced software architecture.