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More Updates
Too many new features to list them all, but here are the highlights.
  • Registration Form - on the home page
  • Removed the "Member Page" on the top right - which was hard-coded to my account. When logged in, eventually there will be your avatar/profile picture up there, with other options, like account settings, my photos, etc.
  • Cover photo management - easier management of album cover photos - look in the "Manage Album Images" link
  • Member cover photo - coming soon - I want to get the album cover photos nailed down first.
  • I removed my sample avatar image which was all over the place.
  • When large images (>1MB) are uploaded, they are scaled down to 1920 pixels max dimension with a tiny bit of compression applied. The original photo file and its details (size, filename, etc) is retained for print purposes.
  • Added a dialog to manage album settings. The "Manage Album Images" link is still there... but I think I want to change that into a "Manage All Images" page.
  • Style changes... cleaned up some font sizing issues.
Submitted on 10/18/2014 3:24:27 AM
Actually its referred to as Search engine optimization that when i search for this post I found this web page at the top of all web pages in search engine. gedffegkeeddgdea
Submitted on 10/18/2014 9:25:56 AM
You're right - but it's a week old sure, and it takes time to get spidered and ranked. Photo hosting is a competitive category.
Submitted on 10/18/2014 11:15:20 AM
*week old site.
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VP Updates
Lots of updates the last few days... even more coming.
  • Images can now be marked Public/Private/Friends/Password. Non-public images will not be shown, except to you, when you're logged in. Eventually friends and password options will be added to images and albums.
  • Tweaked the lightbox display of images in albums. Added keyboard controls for the image pop-up.
  • Added next/previous icons in lieu of "next" and "prev" on image pop-up.
  • Added Edit icon on the image pop-up so you can edit your image's settings quickly without leaving your album. More settings coming soon.
  • Added Favorite icon (not hooked up yet).
  • Added 'Zoom' icon to easily get to the full image details page.
  • Added basic EXIF info to the image details page.
  • Fixed Facebook Share and Like on the image details page.
  • Slowly eliminating text links for image/album management. Still need to get the "Create Album' and the "Manage Album" done as icons.
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Friendly URLs!

I've added SEO-friendly URLs for members and albums. This is still pending for image links and the full-detail image page.

Give it try!

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Alpha Testing

I'll be adding a few users this week for alpha testing - just a handful.

Sign ups will probably be available by Tuesday evening.

If you'd like to try out our new service, have any questions or suggestions, contact me at for details!

Meanwhile, click the "Member Page" icon at the top right to view my test member page, or click here for a sample album from my Aspen/Snowmass portfolio.

Submitted on 10/13/2014 12:44:28 AM
Test comments. Feel free to leave your suggestions or thoughts here in the comments as we progress.
Submitted on 10/17/2014 6:40:41 PM
Let me know if you need any help, Scott.
Submitted on 10/17/2014 6:40:58 PM
whoops - From Misty! :)
Submitted on 10/18/2014 9:27:13 AM
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Village.Photos To Do

In progress:

  • Modal image view - comment, like, buy prints icons.
  • Photos - details (exif?) on image view page.
  • Photos - Manage Photo link on modal image view
  • Album - Theater mode
  • Album - Customization - colors, layout, cover image.
  • Album - tagging and meta tags
  • Album - Manage post and album privacy
  • Album - Passsword protected private albums
  • Comments: Filter XSS and flooding.
  • Comments: Avatars... use correct avatar - or "anonymous" avatar instead of mine.
  • Comments: moderation
  • Account Management: Dialog
  • Account Management: Choose avatar - Facebook or upload.
  • Clean up article/blog display (a lot).
  • Generate activity records (which tie to notifications, coming soon)
  • Resize massive images when uploaded for web display. 4MB images take awhile to load. 40MB images... forever.
  • SEO management
  • User Registration page
  • FB Integration: Account link
  • Photo tagging
  • Tag cloud
Submitted on 10/13/2014 12:53:05 AM
Testing comments on to-do list.
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