About Village.Photos

Detailed list of Village.Photos services and features

Village.Photos Services and Features

Village.Photos is part of a family of photography hosting services created and managed by MarketAmp. Village.Photos acts as the primary hosting platform for several other websites, including the Snap the Planet photography community and ShutterForge Photography Website Hosting.

Village.Photos does have an API (SOAP) available if you're interested in integration your website or platform with our image hosting services.

Village.Photos is primarily an Image Host. We provide space for users to store photos on the internet, and a variety of methods to share those photos with others.

Providing that service, while making it fast and easy, is our primary focus - our mission. While we will provide additional related features to image hosting, such as social media features, image hosting will always be the most important aspect of our service.

Another focus is helping our members be discovered. Therefore our site is highly Search Engine Optmized, and feeds to multiple search engines. You have final control over the meta tags and meta description that is coded into each album and image. Unless you choose otherwise, in most cases your images and content will be indexed by Google within a few days.

We provide blogging features as well - which can be a great boost to your content, and search engine indexing.Our authoring features are in their early stages, but many more features are coming soon.


While we constantly work to improve our service, this list may not be comprehsive, but will include significant features you may be looking for.

  • Drag and drop uploading from HTML5 compliant browers or devices
  • Unique visitor view tracking on each image.
  • Customizable background color for profile page, as well as each album page
  • Fast. Google indexing reports average page load time while spidering of under 200ms
  • Share/Publish your photos to Facebook with ease.
  • Original image files are stored intact, without change. For optimal viewing, a scaled, compressed version of the image is used for web display. In most cases, even on large hi definition monitors, you won't be able to tell the difference.
  • Support for very large image files - up to 40MB
  • Auto-scaling, customizable photo albums
  • Batch image resizing.
  • Manage all album photos quickly in one place - name, description, tags, purchase availability and other settings for all album images on the "Manage Album Images" page.
  • Direct Linking - URL's provided for directly embedding your image on other sites.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) control of member content
  • Semantically correct page structure for SEO purposes
  • A variety of album and image security settings - Public, Private, Password Protected, and Mature Content.
  • Member avatars - use your own, or your Facebook profile picture if you connect using Facebook.
  • Meta tag controls - set your own meta description and keywords for each album
  • Mobile Browser Friendly - we test and optimze every feature of our site to work on mobile browsers, both phones and tablets
  • Facebook Connect - we're integrated with Facebook as a reviewed and verified application, for easy one-click login

Service Levels and General Limitations

During the initial launch period of Village.Photos, begininning October 31st, 2014, we are not restricting storage, direct linking, or bandwidth.

After the launch period ends, approximately 3 months from October 31st, 2014, we will put in place certain storage limits. We do not anticipate usage (bandwidth restrictions), except in the cases where usage appears to be excessive, abusive or malicious. These limits are purely put in place to keep performance high for all users.

For users who have created their account during the initial launch period, and added a significant amount of content, future restrictions will not trigger any content to be removed.

We reserve the right to remove any content that we consider inappropriate for the general public. The final decision remains completely in our hands, although in most cases we won't take such action without communication with the user first. In most cases, making an album private, or password-protected, will be sufficient.