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Rough Seas by Dawn Jefferson

Rough Seas

From the Death Valley collection. By Dawn Jefferson Mesquite Dunes at blue hour during a wind storm with 30 mph sustained winds and 50-60 mph gusts. The dunes looked like a storm tossed sea especially the large dune which appears to be a cresting wave and the blowing sand is reminiscent of sea spray. death valley, national park, sand dunes, mesquite dunes, blue hour, waves, sand storm, storm, wind storm
Doe at Sand Dunes by D Scott Smith

Doe at Sand Dunes

From the Sand Dunes collection. By D Scott Smith My kids and I watched this young deer from the car as she explored the campgrounds at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, in Colorado. sand, sand dunes, great sand dunes, great sand dunes national park, colorado, wildlife, deer, doe, mountains, nature, scenic, landscape, alamosa
Sunset Dunes No 2 by D Scott Smith

Sunset Dunes No 2

From the Outer Banks and Surrounding Areas collection. By D Scott Smith The sun sets over the sand dunes on the outer banks in North Carolina. outer banks, sunset, dune, sand, beach, coast, north carolina, obx, dunes, ocean, atlantic ocean, wild horses, currituck